lfm / TODO

Last update:	Time-stamp: <2011-10-14 02:47:32 inigo>

- prefs.options['num_panes'] -> prefs.options['panes_mode'], update documentation

- Reported by Oliver Mueller, Mac:
  File "/Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/lfm/", line 356, in init_curses
  _curses.error: curs_set() returned ERR

High Priority:
  + enhancements:
    - don't like much how recursive chmod/chown/chgrp currently works
      . split in 2 different features chmod and chown/chgrp ?
    - support for languages with wide chars
      . look at Xin Wang's patch
      . check the real length on screen of the utf8-encoded strings.
  + documentation:
    - be sure version and release date is correct in all files

Medium Priority:
  + enhancements:
    - substitute curses.color_pair(X) for COL_XXX
  + ui:
    - tab views:
      . 2 columns mode
      . customized: permissions instead of date
      . quick view
      . info view
  + new features:
    - pyview:
      . use mmap
      . tail mode: option -f, document
    - powercli: |: run as tail -f, substitute run sync by default, document
    - diff and sync dirs: use filecmp.dircmp or rsync

Low Priority (maybe some day):
  + enhancements:
    - more than 10 bookmarks => use letters
    - find/grep
      . exclude files (f.e. *.o) in findgrep
        grep --exclude=XXX => NON-POSIX, GNU extension
      . checkboxes for ignorecase and regex flags
  + new features:
    - filter files (f.e. "*py" to only view python files)
    - crypt files => gnupg ?
    - new vfs: .rpm, .cpio, .deb, .jar, .xpi, .egg
    - show directory under cursor in the other panel: mc: Alt+O
    - keybindings customization
    - global copy/cut/paste between tabs or panes
    - background processes: copy/move/delete
  + other:
    - use mimetypes module
    - use pyinotify module
    - plugin system

Very Low Priority (never):
  + remote vfs: ssh, ftp, smb, webdav => read FAQ entry about fuse integration
  + advanced file rename tool => use PowerCLI
  + i18n => curses ui programming is very hard when dealing with different languages
            because strings have different lengths so it's imposible to design a nice
            and working interface for every language
  + mouse support
  + UI to configure preferences
  + "save delete" / delete moving to ~/.Trash

Known Bugs:
+ general:
  - after renaming a file, cursor should be placed over the new file name,
    but this is not always posible because we don't know new file name
  - if an error happens while copying/moving/uncompressing/... =>
    => some rubbish remain in destination

  - rar with password halts lfm, because process is waiting for a password =>
    => timeout if not output and kill the spawned process
  - recursively chmod +w temp files before deleting

  - .tar.gz inside a .tar.gz file (vfs in vfs)
  - tmpdir are showed in the copy/move/... dialogs or when view/edit/...
    a file, instead of vfs dir (this is just a minor estetic issue)
  - in case of 'panelize' vfs type (after find/grep), deleted / moved
    files are not deleted / moved in real path

Python versions:
Upgrading python version, interesting new features by version
+ python 2.4
  - sorted
  - sort, sorted: cmp -> key
  - subprocess
  - property
  - unicodetata.east_asian_width
+ python 2.5
  - ternary operator
  - any, all
  - ctypes
+ python 2.6
  - with
  - multiprocessing
  - subprocess.Popen.{send_signal,kill,terminate}
  - format
  - collections.namedtuple
  - os.closerange()
  - try: except Exception as
+ python 2.7
  - subprocess.check_output
  - collections.OrderedDict
+ python 3.x
  - print()
  - has_key => in
  - collections.OrderedDict
  - no module cPickle


- refactor Pane code to make easier writing new Pane codes,
  code is cleaner and simpler now
- don't execute files with execution permissions set if it has known extension

- make tree view fullscreen in PANE_MODE_FULL
- pyview:
  . goto bookmark. Reported by E.R. Uber
  . show help: encode title. Reported by E.R. Uber

Laurent Humblet: asked how to change a shortcut
Maximilian Dietrich: open a media file
Maurício: some questions
E.R. Uber: catched a couple of bugs in