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pyview - Last File Manager Viewer

:Author: Ińigo Serna, inigoserna AT gmail DOT com

:Version: 2.2, May 22th. 2010

:Home page:

:License: \(C\) 2001-10, Ińigo Serna

          This software has been realised under the `GPL License`__ version 3
          or later, read the COPYING_ file that comes with this package for
          more information. 

          There is NO WARRANTY.

:Last update: Sat May 22 11:18:35 2010

.. contents:: Table of Contents

**pyview** is a pager (viewer) written in Python_.
Though it was initially written to be used with lfm_,
it can be used standalone as well.

Since version 0.9 it can read from standard input too
(eg. `$ ps efax | pyview -s`).
Type `pyview -h` for more help.

+ **Movement**
    - cursor_up, k, K
    - cursor_down, j, J
    - previous page, backspace, Ctrl-B
    - next page, space, Ctrl-F
    - home, Ctrl-A: first line
    - end, Ctrl-E: last line
    - cursor_left
    - cursor_right

+ **Actions**
    - h, H, F1: help
    - w, W, F2: toggle un / wrap (only in text mode)
    - m, M, F4: toggle text / hex mode
    - g, G, F5: goto line / byte offset
    - /: find (new search)
    - F6: find previous or find
    - F7: find next or find
    - 0..9: go to bookmark #
    - b, B: set bookmark #
    - Ctrl-O: open shell 'sh'. Type 'exit' to return to pyview
    - q, Q, x, X, F3, F10, Ctrl-Q: exit

Goto Line / Byte Offset
Enter the line number / byte offset you want to show.
If number / byte is preceded by `0x` it is interpreted as hexadecimal.
You can scroll relative lines from the current position using '+' or '-' 

Type the string to search. It ignores case.

.. _python:
.. _GPL:
.. _lfm: README.html
__ GPL_