Mike Bayer committed 6e040f3

fix py3k imports

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     tounicode = unicode
-if py3k:
-    import configparser
-    import ConfigParser as configparser
 def coerce_string_conf(d):
     result = {}


     except except_cls as e:
         assert, str(e)), "%r !~ %s" % (msg, e)
+from dogpile.cache.util import py3k
+if py3k:
+    import configparser
+    import io
+    import ConfigParser as configparser
+    import StringIO as io


 from unittest import TestCase
 from dogpile.cache.api import CacheBackend, CachedValue, NO_VALUE
 from dogpile.cache import make_region, register_backend, CacheRegion, util
-from . import eq_, assert_raises_message
+from . import eq_, assert_raises_message, io, configparser
 import time
 import itertools
         my_region = make_region()
-        import StringIO
-        config = util.configparser.ConfigParser()
-        config.readfp(StringIO.StringIO(my_conf))
+        config = configparser.ConfigParser()
+        config.readfp(io.StringIO(my_conf))
         my_region.configure_from_config(dict(config.items('xyz')), 'cache.example.')
         eq_(my_region.expiration_time, 600)
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