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gdbm does not support the dbm.get() method, so fall back to accessing keys and catching the KeyError in that case.
Gunnlaugur Þór Briem
Import with statement for Python 2.5 compat
Mike Bayer
whitespace removal
Mike Bayer
- needs to be in dogpile.cache - we're a namespace package ! - don't import compat's into util if we're going to have compat, keep it clean - fix imports of new compat module
Mike Bayer
- Added support to DBM file lock to allow reentrant access per key within a single thread, so that even though the DBM backend locks for the whole file, a creation function that calls upon a different key in the cache can still proceed. #5 - Fixed DBM glitch where multiple readers could be serialized.
Mike Bayer
doc updates
Mike Bayer
- move tests into tests.cache namespace - implement py3k cross-compatibility
Mike Bayer
- add dbm backend plus file lock - improve memcached tests to check that memcached is running