sbt-rats provides a plugin that enables the Rats! parser generator to be used in Scala projects.

The plugin enables you to use the Rats! parser generator with Scala projects that are built using the Scala build tool sbt. The parser can be specified directly using a Rats! specification or using a simplified syntactic notation. The syntactic notation can also be translated into a Scala implementation of abstract syntax trees and a pretty printer for those trees. Pretty-printing support is provided by the Kiama language processing library.

sbt-rats is a project of the Programming Languages Research Group in the Department of Computing at Macquarie University and is led by Tony Sloane (inkytonik).


For information on usage, see the documentation.

For an overview of sbt-rats, see our overview paper on sbt-rats from the 2016 Scala Symposium and the slides from the associated presentation.

There is also a giter8 template showing a simple usage of the plugin with Kiama.



sbt-rats is released under the New BSD License. See LICENSE for details.