"The system cannot find the file specified." on alt-w

Issue #7 resolved
Samuel Marks
created an issue

Sorry for the lack of information… which logfiles would help troubleshoot?

(running Windows 8 x64—until I fix my Linux graphic drivers!—with Scala 2.11.0-M4 and SBT 0.13.0-RC5)

[will be using Eclipse in the meantime]

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  1. Samuel Marks reporter

    Okay, on the lab computer with scala-2.10.2 added to my path, I got: The system cannot find the file specified.

    No error in console.

    Also I should note that I have been able to get the scala REPL working in https://github.com/wuub/SublimeREPL.

    Would be great to get proper worksheet support though, like available in Eclipse. (with result of expression evaluation shown highlit next to expression)

    Anyway, back to that first assignment!

  2. Tony Sloane repo owner

    That error is most likely if the "scala" executable cannot be found. Are you sure that the PATH is set correctly? To test, go into the Python console and run:

    import subprocess


    and see if you get the same error.

    As noted above, even if the scala executable is found correctly the plugin won't work due to a bug in the Scala REPL code.

  3. Tony Sloane repo owner

    Are you still having this issue? I'm assuming it's not a high priority since it's been a while.

    It may well have been due to spaces in filenames. I recently fixed issue #9 related to that.

    Also, since there are issues with the plugin on Windows with current versions of Scala, make sure you test with Scala 2.11.0-M5 or later (see issue #5).

    Closing for now, but feel free to reopen if it's still a problem.

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