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Cisco Config Parser

The cisco config parser is a simple tool to parse cisco configuration file(s) and returns two tables representing the content in different ways:

  1. Sorted by interfaces
  2. Sorted by vlan-ports


The first hostname value which is found in the configuration file will be used as filename for the output file. The appropiate file extension will be used.


You can run the tests with the following script:

$ python

To run any of the following commands you have to install the requirements in requirements.txt:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Get a more verbose test output:

$ py.test tests -v

Show more information on skipped tests:

$ py.test -rxs tests

Create a coverage report:

$ py.test --cov=cisco_parser tests

Create a HTML coverage report:

$ py.test --cov=cisco_parser --cov-report=html tests

The HTML coverage report can be found in the htmlcov directory.

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