Volume on SD2SNES may be wrong.

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Issue #5 wontfix
Dylan Morrison repo owner created an issue

There are reports from other MSU-1 projects that they have had to adjust their base volume for the SD2SNES because the SD2SNES's volume control is different from that of the reference implementation in Higan.

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  1. Dylan Morrison reporter

    I am considering a sort of volume control during the intro sequence. By default the FF3 intro sequence doesn't respond to any gamepad press other than "A". I was thinking of allowing the player to press up or down during this sequence to raise or lower volume to their taste. This would hinge, however, on the problems from issue #9 not being NMI related, or on finding some other way to handle input than checking it ourselves during NMI (maybe find where the game's internal gamepad handler stores the last gamepad press?)

  2. Dylan Morrison reporter

    Still considering that volume control idea, I just have to refresh myself on/learn more on input handling on the SNES, as I'm still pretty woefully inadequate when it comes to many parts of SNES asm.

  3. Dylan Morrison reporter

    Current SD2SNES firmware allows you to specify a volume increment on the SD2SNES itself. Closing this Wontfix because it's been fixed "upstream" as it were.

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