Opera tracks may not be implemented properly.

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Issue #6 open
Dylan Morrison repo owner created an issue

Honestly, I don't know what they're going to do, but I know we haven't looked at a proper implementation and these are tightly timed and sublooped in the game. A blocker for the beta.

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  1. Dylan Morrison reporter

    Removing blocker status as I've not gotten any reports one way or the other on Opera behavior from alpha testers, so I'm going to have to rely on the Open Beta testers to report Opera issues.

  2. Dylan Morrison reporter
    • changed status to open

    As of the public beta this should now be considered a priority issue. Hopefully our testers will be able to give feedback.

  3. Dylan Morrison reporter

    "Hey all! Wanted to report my successes, as well as some bugs.

    First off, I got the hack working and am happy to report that it works near perfectly on its own, as well as patched together with Rodimus Primal's Ted Woolsey Uncensored retranslation patch. No errors so far caused by using them together.

    I have, however, hit a wall. I chose to use the "Other" selection for the Opera sequence and now the game softlocks at the part where the player is meant to select the correct line in the song. Once the line is selected, Celes walks forward and the game freezes, but the music keeps playing until the whole song has finished then just hangs forever. This is both with and without the retranslation patch, so I think it's the song selection.

    Will there be any way in the future to change songs out without reinstalling the hack every time? It'd be nice to not have to sit through a long installation every time I want to change only one or two songs.

    Other than that bug, no complaints here! I know it's a beta, so I expected to bump into something, just thought I'd report it."

    This is now a 100% confirmed issue. Honestly atm my biggest potential workaround would be to skip MSU-1 support for the opera at all because supporting it looks to be a complete mess.

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