CHAOS - THE BATTLE OF WIZARDS
                          Original game by Julian Gollop
                     Gameboy Advance and SDL Versions by Quirky

For controls, see,
but try pressing A, B, R and L on the various screens.

On the PC, the GBA controls are "emulated" using the directional arrows for the
d-pad and A,S,D,F, Space, Enter for R, L, A, B, Start and Select.  Sorry! I'll
get round to fixing this at some point.  Additionally, 1-4 and F5 change screen
size and switch to full screen mode.

Finally, here are the command line options (create a shortcut in Windows
and add your favourites)

Usage: chaos [OPTIONS]...

 chaos --connect          # Connect to game, address from chaos.ip
 chaos -c178.98.11.5      # Connect to host on the address
 chaos -sx2 --full-screen # full screen mode, 2x scale, host a game

If a long option shows an argument as mandatory, then it is mandatory
for the equivalent short option also.  Similarly for optional arguments.

Display options:
-f, --full-screen       Run in full screen mode
-x, --scale=SCALE       Set scale 1x - 3x
-i, --icon=SPELL        Set application icon to the spell number.
                        Accepts values from 2 to 41 inclusive.

Gameplay options:
-o, --old-bugs=on       Set old bugs 'on' or 'off'
-r, --rounds=ROUNDS     Set number of rounds played:
    --forever            0    infinite rounds
                         1    players*2+15 rounds (default)
                         any  maximum rounds (e.g. 25)

Network options:
-c, --connect[=IP]      Connect to an online host.
                        By default, connects to address in chaos.ip
                        If that file can't be found, 'localhost' is used.
                        Optional IP address argument is given priority.
-p, --port=PORT         Use non-zero PORT as the
                        connection port (default 1999)
-s, --host              Start hosting an online game


This was the my second attempt at a remake of Chaos for the Gameboy Advance.
The first was a "clone" based on playing the game in emulators and mimicking
the gameplay. This version has been made by reverse engineering the original
Z80 source code and converting the code to C. About 75% of the game is based on
the reversed engineered code, the rest is for the UI and GBA specific stuff. contains a compiled version of the code designed to run on:

X = gba = Gameboy Advance using a flash card or similar "backup" device.
X = exe = Windows. Requires the SDL dll files. 

See INSTALL for more details. 

Original Chaos game by Julian Gollop.

WinZ80 disassembler/debugger by Gerton Lunter.

GBA sound FX code by Uze from 
Wav to raw sound conversion by Sox
Graphics conversion tool by Markus.