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328 B
Added tag stable for changeset 7e3fa0166ad6
80 B
Added service batch files
19.7 KB
Not more then bisected 16 strings (earlier 9) for debugging purposes
401 B
dfrus034_compile_test.bat: added chcp 1251
177 B
Enabled some code in patchdf.e, enabled delayed fixing
25.0 KB
disasm: combine short unconditional and conditional jumps into one if-branch
817 B
Minor changes in the disasm engine
4.5 KB
Some work on ELF supprt
2.1 KB
added check of file existence
1.7 KB
Tab added to the allowed symbol list
5.3 KB
Check of file existence
1.2 KB
extract_strings_2 linefeed added
457 B
instruct.txt renamed
4.2 KB
Added mach_strlen machine code sequence
22.6 KB
Cleanup, remove misleading comments
4.0 KB
Added write_reloctation_table() function, some relocation related modifications
13.3 KB
Minor change in put_section_info()
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minor fix