What Is toe?

toe is a script to install a basic Arch Linux system. This is a very destructive script, so be sure to have a backup of anything you're interested in keeping around. The script will wipe the partition table of your /dev/sda device without asking.

Things are currently designed for brand new systems and VMs.

Simply run the following command after booting up the Arch Linux install environment:

wget && bash

It will download and run everything it needs to wipe, partition, format, install, and configure your new Arch system.

Why "toe"?

A lot of people ask me why I called this project toe. It's a good question, for sure. My 10-second thought process when coming up with the name went something like this:

  • bootstrap? nah--too cliche
  • shoelace? meh
  • flip flop? nah--too unrelated
  • toe thong? nah--too long
  • toe! not cliche, only a little meh, completely unrelated, but perfectly lazy.

And so it was/is/will be.


This script has a few options that you may use to change its behavior:


While I did write my own set of scripts to install Arch Linux back in 2012, the current iteration is greatly inspired by an install script that I found for installing Arch using Packer. I don't recall exactly which script inspired me, but elasticdog's version seems like it might well be the one.