Resource Map helps you record, track and analyze your resources geographically in a collaborative environment accessible from anywhere. In our map view you can see, at glance, who has what and where. Maps can be shared or private, and you can update your information or perform queries using a simple text message.


Connected Diagnostics Platform


Pollit helps you use the ease of text messaging to conduct surveys reaching your audience at their convenience. It will guide each participant step by step through your survey, collecting the results in real time. Using text messaging allows you to scale the number of people you reach and lets them answer anytime, anywhere.


Authenticate with Guisso (Guisso unveils Instedd's Signle Sign On).


Opn source toolkit for voice services; with special focus to the needs of medium- and low-income countries, scalable services, and interacting with vulnerable populations


Ruby gem with bootstrap theme for InSTEDD platform applications

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