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== Welcome to Remindem

=== Setup

  • Nuntium Nuntium settins are stored under 'config/nuntium.yml'. A template of the settings file is provided in 'config/nuntium-sample.yml'. Rename (or copy) this file to 'nuntium.yml' and fill with your configuration. Settings are:

    url: host http://nuntium.instedd.org account: nuntium account name application: nuntium application name password: nuntium application password incoming_username: http interface user incoming_password: http interface password

At nuntium the application should be configured with HTTP POST interface, url http://<HOST_AND_PORT>/receive_at and user/password as specified in the incoming_username/incoming_password settings.

  • Emails It is required to setup the action mailer and config.action_mailer.default_url_options in order to properly send emails.

  • Database

  • Delayed jobs