== Welcome to Watchfire


Configuration settings are stored under 'config/settings.yml'
A template of the settings file is provided in 'config/settings.yml.template'. Rename (or copy) this file to 'settings.yml' and fill with your configuration. Settings are:

	max_distance: maximum distance to look for volunteers (in miles)
	nuntium_host: host name for Nuntium (usually
	nuntium_account: name of your Nuntium account
	nuntium_app: name of your Nuntium application
	nuntium_app_passwd: password of your Nuntium application
	verboice_host: host name for Verboice (usually
	verboice_account: email of your Verboice account
	verboice_password: password of your Verboice account
	verboice_channel: name of your Verboice channel
	available_ratio: ratio (0 to 1) of available people. This is a probabilistic measure of people attending an event. For example if this is set to 0.5 and the required volunteers for an event is 10, then the system will start calling 20 people.
	ispeech_api_key: API key (leave blank if you don't want to use ispeech)