Support dependencies updates in separated gradle file

Issue #4 resolved
Badr El Attaoui created an issue

we’re using a multi-module Android app, we put all app dependencies in a single dependencies.gradle file, it contains app dependencies and their versions in an ext block. In this case we experiences that dependaroo updates only gradle plugins in build.gradle of the project.

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  1. Emma Mulholland

    Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you add a (sanitised) version of your dependencies.gradle file to help with this? Also - Hi- I’m Emma , I’m the Product Manager for Dependaroo. I’d love to chat to you to help us plan how to improve Dependaroo. Will be easy informal chat. If you’d be happy to let me know your email address and I’ll get in contact to get some time set up.

  2. Badr El Attaoui reporter

    Hello @Emma thank you for your reactivity, i’m gonna send you a version of our dependencies.gradle file privately by email.

  3. Emma Moinat

    Hello there Badr, another Emma here, just wanted to let you know we have released a temporary fix for this issue. You should now be able to see updates being applied to your dependencies.gradle file. This is just a patch for now and in the future we would like to add a way to specify any extra build files you would like to include in the scan. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Emma Moinat

    Oh great! You’re very welcome, we are always here to help and willing to have feedback! Marking this issue as resolved 👍

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