Support via config to target a branch other than master/main

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Scott Mannion created an issue

Currently it does not seem like there is a way to target an alternative branch so I have to manually edit the PRs to target our development branch. That’s time consuming enough that I think we will stop using this product.

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  1. Emma Moinat

    Hi there Scott, thanks for your comment.

    In our flow, we use your repo’s configured mainBranch (which is set in your repo’s settings page) as the target branch for our PRs.
    Do you have this value set?


  2. Scott Mannion reporter

    Hi Emma, thanks for the quick response. We have that set to main, but as we are following “git flow” our wip and feature PRs are into the develop branch - main is a release ready branch. Not sure what the implications are for our main branch if we change that repo setting?

  3. Emma Moinat

    Hi Scott, ok yes understood, so you could try setting the main branch to be your dev branch and then inside branching model settings, set the development branch to also be your dev branch and manually specify the production branch as master or main, whichever you use.

    Changing the main branch won’t affect any branch permissions. It’s mainly used for the initial checkout of a newly cloned repo and the when choosing the default branch for PRs.
    Hope that makes sense!

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