Button release functionality not working in Windows

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Issue #4 resolved
Elias Bakken repo owner created an issue

Apparently the release of a button is not registered right in windows. You can pull and drag stuff, but not click anything.

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  1. Daniel Mu

    hey Elias. i noticed this on windows 10. looking via windows message loop it doesnt receive a mouse down. havent really looked into it deeper than that. could do a hack approach to inject mouse down / up button events.

  2. Elias Bakken reporter

    If you do figure out anything related to this, that is a big thing, lot's of people want this, but I've not had time to look into it! It's on my list, so any help you can provide is great!

  3. Daniel Mu

    yeah i'll upload something soon as a hack to get people by :)

    but separately (and could be totally wrong), my initial guess is that the firmware is not doing its job right? i think windows calls it a data delivery program - kind of spec around what touchscreens need to adhere to? i noticed the LUFA library is a little old?

  4. Elias Bakken reporter

    The only workaround I've found on the the windows touch issue is to report it as a "Digitizer" instead of as a touch screen. There is now code in the repository to change into digitizer mode instead of touch screen mode.

  5. Daniel Mu

    Hey Elias, sounds great - how do you compile/update the firmware? im assuming running the makefile in touch/Atmel/Atmega32U4/LUFA-130303/ but i couldnt find any instructions on flashing it. Thanks, Daniel

  6. Daniel Mu

    hey elias. i managed to update using Atmel Flip. touch now is kind of inverted and incorrect - did i blow away calibration or something? previously it was ok. daniel

  7. Daniel Mu

    sorry a couple more bits of info. 1. using windows 10. 2. screen is running really hot! 3. the updated .hex i ran from the Downloads, made windows show it up as a digitizer now, but still didnt fix the click up function.

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