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-Todo list going from rev. 0 to rev. 1
- + Add an aluminum electrolyt cap to limit LC spikes:
- + Add one more 0.1uF ceramic cap near VMM2.
- + Switch places for the caps near Y, Z, Ext1, Ext2 
- - Consider increasing the width of the VMM tracks. 
- + Add more thermal vias for the SMDs
- - Consider adding a coil for noise suppression near the DAC. 
- + Switch the M24C16 EEPROM out with M24C256 to allow for proper addressing, 
- + Switch the 3-switch dip with a two-switch or jumpers. 
- - Consider adding 5.6K pullups on i2c-lines
- + connect p9_1 to ground.
- - Change the X2 connector, it does not fit ATX power supplies
- + Move the MOSFETs further apart, consider a way to keep them separated.. 
- + Consider placing the PWM circuit on the I2C2-bus with the EEPROM. 
- + Place the all heaters on dedicated PWM outputs form BB. 
- + Levelshift the PWM signals to the heaters with comparator/op-amp (296-9544-1-ND)
- + Move Fault_x to GPIO1_7 = P8_4, the current pin is a PWM..
- + Add a decoupeling cap to the levelshifter
- - Add lables to the SMD outputs (A1, A2, B1, B2)
- + Switch channels for ADC on Ext1 and Ext2?
- + Switched +5V and SYS_5V.
-Todo list going from Rev 1 to Rev A2:
- - Uninvert the PWM channels for the Mosfets
- - Add pin for GND for the thermistors
- - Add connector for temperature sensing via Dallas 1-wire. 
- + Widen the tracks for the MOSFETs
- - Add OSHW logo 
- - Add some kind of speaker support :)
- - Add support for LEDs 
- - LED to show when the plate is warm. 

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 -   Open source hard ware and software  
 -   Software written in Python for maintainability and hackability  
+{{ Blog:|urlize }}
+TODO for PCB_Rev_A3:  
+- All components on one side  
+- Add fiducials  
+- Add square pads on pin 1 for TH connectors.  
+- Add connector for temperature sensing via Dallas 1-wire (for cold end)   
+- Add some kind of speaker support :)  
+- Add support for LEDs  
+- LED to show when the hot-bed is warm.  
+TODO for software:  
+- Optimize the merging of timings from the different steppers.  
+- Make a fancy GUI with 3D model  
+- Implement realtime slicing on BeagleBone so an STL file can be sent directly (very cool).  
+Known issues:  
+There seems to be a bug with the software that causes the 
+filament to retract after a few layers. Find out if this is consistent.