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InterCriteria Analysis, also known as InterCriteria Decision Making, is an approach that takes an input index matrix containing evaluations of objects against a set of criteria, and calculates the degrees of correlation between each pair of the criteria in the form of intuitionistic fuzzy pairs.

The ICDM application, which is available from this repository, has already been used in several of our research projects.

This software is produced with the support of project DFNI-I-02-5 of the National Science Fund of Bulgaria, titled “InterCriteria Analysis – A New Approach to Decision Making”.


This project requires Qt 5.x and can be built with Qt Creator (with MSVC on Windows and GCC on Linux). Before compiling, you will need to generate the translation files with Qt Linguist - just select Tools->External->Linguist->Release Translations.

On the Linux command line, you could change into an empty directory and use the following commands:

hg clone
mkdir build
cd build
lrelease ../icdm/lang/*.ts
qmake ../icdm

The qmake and lrelease commands need to be the Qt 5 versions. Their location may depend on the distribution.

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