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  2. musicbrainz-bot



MusicBrainz Bot

This bot it indended to add various data from the internet to MusicBrainz.


It goes over all artists that do not have a Wikipedia link yet, and searches for the name in a local Solr index of English Wikipedia article titles. Once it finds a match, it will fetch the article text from Wikipedia's API and verify that the text contains at least some release or release group titles (self-titled albums are ignored), work titles or URLs.


In a very similar way to how linking to artist works, it will verify that the article text matches at least some track titles.

Artist information

It goes over all artists that are missing some personnal information (gender, country, begin or end date, ...) but have a Wikipedia page linked. The article text is fetched from Wikipedia's API and parsed to find missing information. The script can work with Wikipedia in different languages, if referential for a given language is defined. Currently on English and French are defined.

Medium format

It goes over all releases that use just Vinyl rather than a more specific format like 7", 10" or 12", and that have only one attached Discogs link. Information will then be retrieved from Discogs and submitted to MusicBrainz.

Script exist to determine corresponding Discogs entries for MusicBrainz release and release-group.