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rtmptool is:

  • Flash RTMP and AMF packet parser
  • simple: written in Python and optimized for code brevity
  • freely licensed: available under LGPL v2.1
  • incomplete: not all RTMP or AMF features are supported. If you're missing some features, feel free to open a ticket -- please provide example RTMP dumps and if you have, relevant documentation
  • basic RTMP documentation included: rtmp_protocol.txt


In order to use rtmptool, you need a command line and the tcpflow program to extract TCP streams. (rtmptool does not directly support pcap dumps)

# capture RTMP streams (run this before your RTMP session starts)
tcpflow -p -v -i eth0 tcp port 1935
# dump decoded AMF packets to another file
./ --dump-amf FILENAME > OUTFILE
# extract embedded video stream (work in progress)

# extract RTMP streams from a pcap dump
tcpflow -r dump.pcap tcp port 1935