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celery-pylons - Celery Integration for Django
Celery Version:2.1.4
Keywords:celery, pylons, task queue, job queue, asynchronous, rabbitmq, amqp, python, queue, distributed


celery-pylons provides Celery integration for pylons.

For more information please read the celery .. documentation: for more information

Using celery-pylons

To enabled celery-pylons for your project you need to add celery-pylons...

config file stuff:....

Everything works the same as described in the `Celery User Manual`_, except you need to invoke the programs though paster:

Program Replace with
celeryd paster celeryd
celerybeat paster celerybeat
camqadm paster camqadm
celeryev paster celeryev


The `Celery User Manual`_ contains user guides, tutorials and an API reference. Also the `django-celery documentation`_, contains information about the Django integration.


Getting help

Mailing list

Bug tracker




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