django SHOP

This repository hosts the django SHOP code and documentation.

Django SHOP aims to be the easy, fun and fast shop counterpart to django CMS. Specifically, we aim at providing a clean, modular and pythonic/djangonic implementation of a shop framework, that a moderately talented Django programmer should be able to pick up and run easily.

The current state is a roughly functional and highly modular system. Please refer to docs/plugins.rst to figure out what plugin types are available, and what the do

You'll find the detailed doc on RTD

How to help:

  • Development is done on github - please fork!
  • Most of the discussion around architecture decisions / tools etc... take place on IRC (Freenode), on #django-shop
  • Pick a task from the list below :)


  • Somebody should kickstart an example shop application using django SHOP, to use as an example.
  • If you feel like adding templates, please refrain from adding fancy styling to the core set of templates. Styling is awesome, and everybody wants a good looking shop, but it should go in example apps, not in core shop :) Also, please keep templates to the main templates directory only (so that people have a clear view of the templates structure)
  • Writing docs is most welcome :)
  • Refactoring tests to make creating test environments less messy (fixtures?)
  • If you feel like you could solve having multiple currencies in an elegant manner, we would really be interested to hear from you