Intranet made easy.


django-intranet is the minimal codebase to create fast enterprise management applications.

Based on Django-1.4 you start a project, add intranet and the other module you want to use.

That's it, you are ready to go with your intranet.


See docs/ folder for detailed documentation.

Read it online at :

Quick start

Create a project folder and enter-it

$ pip install django-intranet South
$ startproject myintranet

Configure the database and add intranet and south to you INSTALLED_APPS.

$ python syncdb --migrate

Now you can install one of the contrib module or your own.


3 ways of defining a permission :

  • Using django.contrib.auth permission system of Model
  • Using an instance method that will take a user as a parameter
  • Using django-guardian for user configuration per-object permission