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Design files, software and firmware for IO Rodeos's open source (hardware & software) scientific colorimeter kit for educators, students and DIY scientists. Colorimeters are analytical devices commonly used in science labs to measure the concentration of a solution from its light absorbing properties. Colorimeters are extremely useful and flexible lab instruments for a wide range of science education labs.

This packages contains:

  • Design files for the colorimeter Electronic Kicad) and Mechanical (py2scad) components.
  • Arduino firmware and Python serial library for communicating the colorimeter.
  • A suite of software (w/GUI) for taking measurements with the colorimeter - e.g. measuring transmittance and absorbance, generating standard curves, and measuring the concentration of solutions.

Recent activity


iorodeo pushed 1 commit to iorodeo/colorimeter

b1d9f4c - Finished modifications to software so that the colorimeter can be used with the 'custom' LED PCB.
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