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+= Colorimeter.
+Design files, software and firmware for IO Rodeos's open source (hardware &
+software) scientific colorimeter kit for educators, students and DIY
+Colorimeters are analytical devices commonly used in science labs to measure
+the concentration of a solution from its light absorbing properties.
+Colorimeters are extremely useful and flexible lab instruments for a wide range
+of science education labs. Some examples of how the colorimeter can be used for
+are listed below.
+* Investigate Beers Law - Use food dye or other colored solution to investigate
+the relationship between concentration and absorbance;
+* Water quality - measure several water parameters such as turbidity, pH, water
+hardness, phosphate content and more;
+* Population growth - measure the absorbance of a microbial culture over time to
+follow population growth;
+* Enzyme kinetics - measure the activity of an enzyme over time and different
+environmental parameters (temp, pH, inhibitors); Nitrogen cycle - quantify the
+amount of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in a newly established aquarium.
+How it works: The colorimeter essentially consists of two electronics boards:
+i) a red-green-blue (RGB) LED board and a light sensor board. A cuvette holder
+in the center of the colorimeter properly positions the sample between the LED
+and the sensor. The sensor board connects to an Arduino via the colorimeter
+shield. When the colorimeter is operating, the RGB LED illuminates the sample
+in the cuvette with one of three different wavelengths of light: 625 nm (red),
+528 nm (true green) and 470 nm (blue). On the opposite side of the cuvette a
+slit in the colorimeter allows light to pass through the sample to the light
+sensor. Finally absorbance (A) of the sample is determined by comparing the
+intensity of incident light (I0) to the intensity of light after it has passed
+through the sample (I) using the following equation: A = log10(I/I0).