iorodeo avatar iorodeo committed 2815afe

Temporarily changed pulse channel to channel C. Note, need to make this easier
to change from a configuration file.

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         self.filename = os.path.join(os.environ['HOME'],'default.avi')
         # Current pulse parameters 
-        self.pulse_channel = 'a'
+        #self.pulse_channel = 'a'
+        self.pulse_channel = 'c' # Should probalby move this to a configuration file
         self.pulse_controller = None
         self.timing_fid = None


             'type'      : 'number',
-            'name'      : 'Pulse Current (Ch A)',
+            'name'      : 'Pulse Current (Ch C)',
             'tag'       : 'pulse_current',
             'value'     : 100,
             'units'     : 'mA',


     set_curr_proxy = rospy.ServiceProxy('set_current', SetCurrentCmd) 
-    response =set_curr_proxy(config.ir_light_channel,'on', value)
+    if value != 0:
+        response = set_curr_proxy(config.ir_light_channel,'on', value)
+    else:
+        response = set_curr_proxy(config.ir_light_channel,'off', value)
     db_tools.set_int(db,'ir_light_value', value)
 # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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