iorodeo  committed 27dadea

Added option for turning off projections in get_projection method of Basic_Enclosure.
This is useful for development as is speed openscad rendering.

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File py2scad/

         return part_list
-    def get_projection(self,show_ref_cube=True, spacing_factor=4):
+    def get_projection(self, show_ref_cube=True, spacing_factor=4, project=True):
         Retruns a list of enclosure parts as 2D projections for saving as a dxf file.
         # Project parts
         part_list_proj = []
         for part in part_list:
-            part_list_proj.append(Projection(part))
+            if project:
+                part_list_proj.append(Projection(part))
+            else:
+                part_list_proj.append(part)
         return part_list_proj