Server 500 errors when using the minetest mod database

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the digitalmouse created an issue

title says it all! heading to gives "Server Error (500)".

same for (texturepacks)

Edited by rubenwardy:

Above are fixed, but there are problems on these functions/pages:

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  1. Павел Ряполов

    Confirm. I was trying to upload a mode a few months ago with no luck, and still error 500.

  2. iqualfragile repo owner

    Thanks for the reports, these are know errors, not in the code of the mmdb, but in the consistency of the databases. I am currently talking to xyz, the one who runs that server, about how to solve the issues. It seems like at least one user row from the forums just disappeared. In theory there are sql constraints to stop that from happening, but for some reason they did not do their job or were overriden.

  3. iqualfragile repo owner

    I think i have identified the problem to be some old sql restraints to false/outdated tables. I sent thexyz detailed instructions on how to fix that via email about two months ago, and reminded him a few times via email.

  4. iqualfragile repo owner

    complications, an mistake on my part, the syntax for reading/listing constraints is not standartized over all sql-servers, and i wrote instructions for postgresql, which is not what he is using. I will write new instructions as soon as i have a bit of time, real life is a bit chalenging atm.

  5. rubenwardy

    It's not good that you're the only one that knows how this works. What if you just disappeared? It's been broken for 3 months now, and as it powers the mod store ingame it's quite important. I wish Flask was used instead of Django, much simpler.

    Please can you publish the error so someone else can attempt to fix it (I've just had to start computing coursework though, so I can't do it until next week anyway. If I had had it last week I could have).

  6. iqualfragile repo owner

    Was busy lately, sorry, also sorry about not being able to publish the error, thexyz considers the names of his database and tables to be security relevant information, even though i do not agree on that i won't publish them. I just sent him new instructions. I have just finished a flask-based project and have to say that no, in this case djangos posibilites are quite usefull. This error was not explicitly caused by django either.

  7. rubenwardy

    Any news?

    have just finished a flask-based project and have to say that no, in this case djangos possibilities are quite useful. This error was not explicitly caused by django either.

    The problem isn't the framework, the problem is that you're the only person that can fix this.

  8. iqualfragile repo owner

    There is a single person that can fix this, but sadly its not me, otherwise this would have been history in less then a day. The person that can fix this is zyx, whom i have sent instructions to that should enable even somebody without any knowledge about databases to solve what i have to assume is the problem; i have to assume because i have no direct access to the database, not even reading. The mail containing these instructions was sent a long time ago. After receiving no answer for quite a while i asked him to act over irc. three times. I really would love to get on with this, yet i am powerless.

  9. rubenwardy

    xyz said:

    iqualfragile sends me instructions, i do them, figure that he either sent wrong ones (for postgres instead of mysql) or they don't work (that happened too), and every time about a few months pass between each step. and in the end i just gave up because honestly it's not worth my time. i can do things when they say exact mysql commands. i don't want to do things when they say literally "search for all collumns where refferenced_table_name is a table that should not be in use any longer. when you identify a constraint that should not be there anymore: [...]" so i guess if you want to get it working again the only way is to find somebody else to host it

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