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       <input type="button" onclick="run()" value="Run" />
-        <ul id="result">
-        </ul>
+        <p id="status"></p>
+        <p id="result"></p>
 function run() {
-	$('#result').html('Start');
+	$('#status').text('Game Start!');
 	var start_player = 1;
 	var default_remaing_flag = 10;
 function play(player_no, remaing_flag){
+	$p = $('<p>player_no:'+ player_no + ' play! Remaing Flag is '+ remaing_flag +'</p>');
+  $('#status').append($p);
   var player = palyerlist[player_no];
 	exec(player, remaing_flag, function(result){
     remaing_flag -= result;
+    $p.append(' => '+ remaing_flag );
     console.log('result:' + result + ', remaing_flag:' + remaing_flag);
     if(remaing_flag <= 0){
       $('#result').html('player_no:'+ player_no + 'Lose. Game End.');
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