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	1. Introduction
	Glowworm++ is a C++ implementation of the Glowworm Swarm Optimization 
algorithm as described in the original paper from Krishnanand, K.N. and Ghose, D., 
"Glowworm swarm optimization for simultaneous capture of multiple local optima 
of multimodal functions", published in Swarm Intelligence,
3, 2, June 2009, 87-124. (

	2. Installation
	Detailed instructions to compile and run the tests can be found in the 'INSTALL' 
file distributed in the package.

	3. Authors
	Glowworm++ has been implemented by Manuel Rivero ( and 
Brian Jimenez (

	4. License
	This implementation is released under MIT license. A copy of the license can be 
found in the 'COPYING' file.

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