fops / regress

# regression testing script, usually run with: 
# regress fops -l listener


if(test $#* -lt 1) {
	echo usage: regress mountcmd
	exit usage

fn fatal {
	unmount $mtpt
	rm -rf $mtpt
	if(! ~ $#* 0){
		echo $*
		exit error
	exit 0

mkdir $mtpt

$* $mtpt || fatal mount
mkdir $mtpt/dir || fatal mkdir

	cd $mtpt/dir
	echo -n a string > file
	if(! ~ `{cat file} 'a string')
		fatal read or write failed

if(! ~ `{ls $mtpt/dir} $mtpt/dir/file)
	fatal ls
ls -l $mtpt/dir/file >/dev/null || fatal ls-l
rm -rf $mtpt/dir || fatal rm-rf

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