## Overview [iblox][] is a wrapper for [Infoblox's WAPI]( It uses Python's request module to handle session caching and is very flexible. In order to maintain the most amount of compatibility we test iblox using the following versions of Python: * Python2.7 * Python3.4 * Python3.5 * Python3.6 * Python3.7 ## License [iblox][] is released under the [GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0][], see the file LICENSE and LICENSE.lesser for the license text. ## Installation The most straightforward way to get the iblox module working for you is: > pip install iblox or > python install This will ensure that all the requirements are met. ### Development Installation If you are wanting to work on development of iblox perform the following: > pip install -U -r requirements_test.txt To ensure all development requirements are met. This will allow you to build the Sphinx Documentation! ## Documentation Documentation for the iblox module can be found at ### Building Docs If you have installed the requirements for iblox you can build its Sphinx Documentation simply by: > pip install -U -r requirements_docs.txt > cd docs; > make html Then simply open **docs/build/html/index.html** in your browser. ## Contributing Comments and enhancements are very welcome. Report any issues or feature requests on the [BitBucket bug tracker]( Please include a minimal (not-) working example which reproduces the bug and, if appropriate, the traceback information. Please do not request features already being worked towards. Code contributions are encouraged: please feel free to [fork the project]( and submit pull requests to the **develop** branch. ## More information - [Infoblox DDI]( [GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0]: "LGPL v3" [iblox]: "iblox Module"