ServerJob should contain result when unable to establish ssh connection

Issue #9 resolved
Jesse Almanrode
repo owner created an issue

ServerJob objects that are unable to establish an ssh connection have a status of 255 but the results is blank. We should return 'Unable to establish ssh connection' as a result as well as a status code of 255.

{'posthook': None, 'results': [], 'name': '', 'combine_output': True, 'key': '/Users/jdoe/.ssh/id_rsa', 'username': 'jdoe', '_conn': None, 'sshtimeout': 300, 'password': None, 'cmdtimeout': 300, 'prehook': None, 'debuglevel': 0, 'status': 255, 'runlocal': False, 'cmds': ["sysctl -a"]}

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