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This is the skeleton project for my BDD workshop for RIAs development with JavaScript

For more information about the workshop visit

Installation instructions:

  • Install node.js:

  • Install express: npm install express

  • Install jade: npm install jade

  • Install chai: npm install chai

  • Install jasmine-node: npm install jasmine-node

  • Install CoffeeScript: sudo npm install -g coffee-script (sudo only for linux users)

  • Compile:

  • Install CasperJs: for instructions see (PhantomJs needs to be installed first)

Getting ready for the workshop: (exercises to do before attending)

  • Run the tests in the browser: google-chrome ./introTestRunners/runInBrowser.html

  • Run the tests in the command-line: ./introTestRunners/

  • You will see all the tests failing. You have to make them pass, and understand why they do it.

  • Don't worry about jsTestDriver, we will see that during the workshop

  • Try to delete part of the tests or the production code and then try to make them pass again

During the workshop - Starting the application and its tests:

  • Make sure port 3000 is free for the server to run (other servers might be running already)

  • Start the server: node server.js

  • Check that the application is working: google-chrome http://localhost:3000 (make sure you can read, "app started")

  • How to run ACCEPTANCE TESTS: google-chrome http://localhost:3000/test/acceptanceTestRunner.html

  • How to run UNIT TESTS: google-chrome ./appTestRunners/runUnit.html

  • How to run FINE-GRAINED INTEGRATION TESTS: google-chrome ./appTestRunners/runIntegrationTests.html

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Commits by carlosble were pushed to isidromerayo/BDDjsWorkshop

2a4307d - all tests runners configured for the app and everything ready to easily make the first unit test pass
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