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  * Python 3.4 (with SSL support, since that is required for pip)
  * gcc, make, etc
  * SQLite3 (or...?)

To build:

  autoreconf -fi

To test:

  make check

To build doxygen docs

  make html

To test ODBC:

  * Install postgres client, server and ODBC library (including any GUI
    package like unixODBC-kde)
  * sudo service postgresql initdb
  * sudo service postgresql start
  * sudo su
    su - postgres
    createuser -S corm -P
    createdb -O corm corm
  * add local/corm/corm/md5 or similar to pg_hba.conf
    (if you use "local" then don't specify a server for DSN; if you do
    specify a server in DSN then use "host" instead)
  * sudo service postgresql restart
  * psql -U corm corm   # this should prompt for passwd and connect
  * use ODBCconfig to create the corm DSN
  * isql corm   # this should connect
  * ./configure --with-test-dsn=corm
  * If you use values other than "corm" above you will need to modify