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django-loupe is a simple image/screenshot review application to add to your django project to allow collaborative discussions about about a projects design processes.


  1. Put loupe to your INSTALLED_APPS in your within your django project.
  2. Add the following to your or and adjust it to your liking

LOUPE_RESIZE_THUMB_WIDTH = 100 # Width in pixels of the thumbnail LOUPE_RESIZE_THUMB_HEIGHT = 75 # Height in pixels of the thumbnail LOUPE_RESIZE_THUMB_CROP = True # Crop thubmnails? True or False LOUPE_RESIZE_DISPLAY_WIDTH = 800 # Width in pixels of the display size (not full size image) LOUPE_PRE_CACHE_IMAGES = True # Pre-cache images on upload? True or False LOUPE_INCREMENT_COUNT = True # Increment the view count on images? True or False



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