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Fixed #14570 -- Added new date format character for alternative month names using the new context capabilities. Also add context to Associated Press style month names (refs #9988). Thanks to Claude and shell_dweller.

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File django/utils/

 import re
 import time
 import calendar
-from django.utils.dates import MONTHS, MONTHS_3, MONTHS_AP, WEEKDAYS, WEEKDAYS_ABBR
 from django.utils.tzinfo import LocalTimezone
 from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
 from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
-re_formatchars = re.compile(r'(?<!\\)([aAbBcdDfFgGhHiIjlLmMnNOPrsStTUuwWyYzZ])')
+re_formatchars = re.compile(r'(?<!\\)([aAbBcdDEfFgGhHiIjlLmMnNOPrsStTUuwWyYzZ])')
 re_escaped = re.compile(r'\\(.)')
 class Formatter(object):
         "Day of the week, textual, 3 letters; e.g. 'Fri'"
         return WEEKDAYS_ABBR[]
+    def E(self):
+        "Alternative month names as required by some locales. Proprietary extension."
+        return MONTHS_ALT[]
     def F(self):
         "Month, textual, long; e.g. 'January'"
         return MONTHS[]

File django/utils/

 "Commonly-used date structures"
-from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
+from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _, pgettext_lazy
     0:_('Monday'), 1:_('Tuesday'), 2:_('Wednesday'), 3:_('Thursday'), 4:_('Friday'),
     1:_('Jan.'), 2:_('Feb.'), 3:_('March'), 4:_('April'), 5:_('May'), 6:_('June'), 7:_('July'),
     8:_('Aug.'), 9:_('Sept.'), 10:_('Oct.'), 11:_('Nov.'), 12:_('Dec.')
+MONTHS_ALT = { # required for long date representation by some locales
+    1: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'January'),
+    2: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'February'),
+    3: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'March'),
+    4: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'April'),
+    5: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'May'),
+    6: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'June'),
+    7: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'July'),
+    8: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'August'),
+    9: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'September'),
+    10: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'October'),
+    11: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'November'),
+    12: pgettext_lazy('alt. month', 'December')

File docs/ref/templates/builtins.txt

     f                 Time, in 12-hour hours and minutes,       ``'1'``, ``'1:30'``
                       with minutes left off if they're zero.
                       Proprietary extension.
+    E                 Month, locale specific alternative
+                      representation usually used for long
+                      date representation.                      ``'listopada'`` (for Polish locale, as opposed to ``'Listopad'``)
     F                 Month, textual, long.                     ``'January'``
     g                 Hour, 12-hour format without leading      ``'1'`` to ``'12'``