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Ian Struble
Adding search-icon next to autocomplete fields. Also fixed up the way that the dismiss* functions were recording the selected item. The search-icon can be disabled by setting show_search = False class BookAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): autocomplete_fields = { 'author': { 'fields': ('name',), 'show_search': False }, }
Ian Struble
Made dismissAddAnotherPopup autocomplete aware.
Fixed #11465: Ensure nonexistent pks enterd in an admin raw id field do not cause a server error. Thanks for report and initial patch
Fixed #10061 -- Added namespacing for named URLs - most importantly, for the admin site, where the absence of this facility was causing problems. Thanks to the many people who contributed to and helped review this patch. This change is backwards incompatible for anyone that is using the named URLs introduced in [9739]. Any usage of the old admin_XXX names need to be modified to use the new namespaced format; in many cases this will be as simple as a search & replace for "admin_" -> "admin:". See the docs for more details on the new URL names, and the namespace resolution strategy.
Fixed #10537: Fixed the foreign key add-another link in list_editable. Thanks, Alex and jezdez.
Cleaned up and refactored `ModelAdmin.formfield_for_dbfield`: * The new method uses an admin configuration option (`formfield_overrides`); this makes custom admin widgets especially easy. * Refactored what was left of `formfield_for_dbfield` into a handful of smaller methods so that it's easier to hook in and return custom fields where needed. * These `formfield_for_*` methods now pass around `request` so that you can easily modify fields based on requ…