django / TODO

Django Multiple Database TODO List

Required for v1.2

 * Resolve uses of _default_manager
    * django/contrib/databrowse/
    * django/contrib/databrowse/
    * django/db/models/fields/
        - ManyToManyField.isValidIDList (deprecated method?)
    * django/db/models/fields/
        - FileField.delete_file

Optional for v1.2

These are the next layer of UI. We can deliver for v1.2 without these if neccessary.

 * Technique for determining using() at runtime (by callback?)
 * Sticky models
   * Related objects
   * saving and deleting
   * default or an option
 * Sample docs for how to do:
   * master/slave
   * Sharding
 * Test protection against cross-database joins.
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