django / .hgtags

5e052a4c7a784be1b5771c5c3a2d7aeb5f06698b releases/0.90
e2a73e71122f63977406a1b21e3e6d26886f26d8 releases/0.91
c67561f130313375350003fce03d34c3599f1a3f notable_moments/ipo
d2d9957bb3acfe1d52b2d16c379778c04ec22f6e notable_moments/pre-magic-removal
a8001d17ec6d2096651b91b27a331327c0716ff6 releases/0.95
211e19cd557dc76e8124f9bd209be5446d73a709 releases/0.96
12b6d8936f316f7b29c313458681c5c18927fe80 releases/0.96
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 releases/0.96
8a00109c82c0390dc511198fd68b70c2aba566cd releases/0.96
9e1b0bed4cd696fa085e6b7007375bc4a23608b5 notable_moments/pre-newforms-admin
f215fb7ec8ac015a9407e54eba07bab0c6e82a2e notable_moments/1.0-alpha
8b8caebb5c50578e041269f8121a8b8e54477116 notable_moments/1.0-alpha-2
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