Django ForumBR

Please, refer to github for pull requests and latest commits, as the current development is taking course there.

A simple, everyday django forum

Django-forumbr is a project to create a simple, easy-to-use and complete forum for django projects on the run.


  • django-forumbr 0.4 (23/04/2014): Compatible with Django 1.6
  • django-forumbr (15/12/2012): Compatible with Django 1.3/1.4

Install instructions

pip install django-forumbr

# then add forum to your settings INSTALLED_APPS # and url(r'^forum/', include('forum.urls', namespace='forum')) to your

# create the models and you're done python syncdb


ForumBR uses a set of libraries to provide text formatting support. The default formatting syntax for replies is plain text. To turn on the support, install the disired library:

pip install bbcode pip install markdown pip install textile pip install docutils pip install html5lib # for plain html support

and then, set the FORUM_MARKUP language of your choice.

App Settings

ForumBR comes with a large set of configurable settings. For a complete list of options, take a look at django-forumbr/app_settings.


See django-forum/test_project for an example on how to integrate with django-registration.