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jinplace jquery plugin


This is a plugin for jQuery for in-place editing of data on the page.
The intended way to use it is for the editable fields on the web
page to be marked up with HTML data-* attributes.
The plugin call can be placed in a page template and when it runs
it finds all the fields that have been marked as editable.

Alternatively you can specify all options in the plugin call, or a
mixture of the two depending on your needs.


Basic usage

Basic usage is to first inlucde the javascript file

  <script src="js/jinplace.js"></script>

Then mark up the elements that you wish to be editable using
the jinplace data-* attributes.
At minimum you need only add a suitable class (or id) and the url to submit the data to.

  <span class="editable" data-url="/api/modify/987/name">Fred</span>

Finally initialise the plugin selecting all the elements you want
to be editable.


For many more examples see the online demo and the documentation

See also

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