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Cubix: Robots For Everyone Full Movie Download In Hindi


Foo A boy who just moved to Bubbletown repairs a transformable robot named Cubix and becomes its owner. Together, along with the boys friends, they fight against the schemes of a mad doctor. It is the best show i have ever seen, it&#39;s talking robots for Christ&#39;s sake. I think it is a really flawless show and the only way to make it better is having me as a voice actor but we&#39;ll come to that (You can reach me at 072-208-82-04)The characters are really good and it is the best animation i&#39;ve ever seen, every other animation these days suck, Zootopia? SUCKS. Inside out? Even worse! I only have one more thing to say and that is that this show is great for all ages and you should definitely watch it with your kids. Don&#39;t have kids? Well then you suck! But if you wan&#39;t to have children, i know a guy and a place for that... The guy is me and the place is my dark and haunted basement. Meet you there soon! Of all the TV shows that have ever caused any kind of offence, you wouldn&#39;t expect the harmless computer-animated &quot;Cubix&quot; to be among them. But in England, where &quot;Cubix&quot; is part of BBC1&#39;s children&#39;s lineup, MENCAP recently complained that the character of Mong makes fun of people who are Mongoloid; given that the show gives its robot characters stereotyped personalities anyway (in the English-language version there&#39;s one in particular who has a pretty grating would-be-Cockney accent), it probably wasn&#39;t intentional.<br/><br/>The thing I find most interesting about this show, adapted for us decadent Westerners by the folks who did &quot;Pokemon,&quot; is that it&#39;s a Japanese show where the participants actually LOOK Japanese for once; most animated series from the East give the characters exaggeratedly Western features, but here the human characters have Japanese features and aren&#39;t ashamed of it. The stories themselves aren&#39;t much to write home about - a boy and his father move to the robot-filled Bubbletown, to the delight of the lad (our hero and narrator) but not so his dad, who&#39;s no great fan of robots for some reason; everyone there has a sentient robot (Captain Kirk would go bananas if he lived there) and his is one he repairs called Cubix, who&#39;s a great help in the continuing battles against the town&#39;s de rigeur mad scientist...<br/><br/>Nothing spectacular in terms of either writing or animation, but it&#39;s a painless and ultimately inoffensive time killer. The BBC should instead be censured for buying in &quot;Evolution: The Animated Series&quot; (as should DIC for making it, but that&#39;s another story).


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