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Issue #1 resolved
Wolfram Lyda created an issue

When running matplotlib in itom on a none-intel CPU, matplotlib reports the warning: "OMP: Warning #72: KMP_AFFINITY: affinity only supported for Intel(R) processors." After closing the report window, itom exists!

This warning is thrown if on none-intel CPUs unter windows the variable KMP_AFFINITY is not set / not set none.

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  1. Wolfram Lyda reporter

    Solved with commit cf26ef1d0883c5104a52fb657658aaf01b1d3d5e by adding _putenv_s("KMP_AFFINITY","none"); to startup procedure unter WIN32 and WIN64 is CPU is not "GenuineIntel".

    To get the CPU vendor, CPUID was implemented under WIN32 and WIN64. (mainApplication, line 220)

    Tested under windows7 on intel Core2 duo with itom 32bit, windows7 on intel i7 with itom 64bit and amd athlon 64 with itom 64bit.

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