itom1dqwtplot in ui file: lineWidth set in QtDesigner is reset if first dataObject is assigned

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Issue #11 resolved
M. Gronle created an issue

If one puts a itom1dqwtplot in an ui file and assigns a dataObject to it via a Python script, the pre-set value for lineWidth (in properties of QtDesigner) is not considered. Instead a default lineWidth of 1 is assumed.

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  1. M. Gronle reporter

    The problem only occurs if the plot is part of an ui-file and properties are pre-set in QtDesigner. It only affects properties, that are also loaded from the itom settings. Then, if the ui-file is loaded, the setters for all properties that are different than their default value, is called at first. Then, once the plot has been successfully initialized, the init() method is called and the settings are loaded via the api-functions. These settings then overwrite the pre-set values.

    We have now the possibility to either never load the global settings if the plot is part of an ui-file or flag all parameters that are changed in the QtDesigner (bold parameters) and not load these parameters from the itom settings. All default values, however, are loaded from the itom settings. The discussion is open...

  2. M. Gronle reporter

    itom1dqwtplot, itom2dqwtplot: fixes issue 11. if plot is in an ui, properties that can be set in QtDesigner will not be overwritten by global itom settings

    → <<cset 2fb714b668b4>>

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