Problems changing windows size

Issue #22 resolved
Former user created an issue

The following code linse doesn't rescale the window (only plot).

fig = plot(dataObject.randN([500,500])) fig[1]["size"] = [800,500]

Workaround: fig = figure() fig.plot(dataObject.randN([500,500])) fig["size"] = [800,500]

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  1. Robin Hahn


    When you create a plot as described in your isssue, fig is a vector that contains the handle (int) and a plotItem that points directly to your plot (the content of the window). In your workaround, fig gives you the figure and thus the window itself.

    If you want to use the plot command: fig= plot(dataObject.randN([500,500])), you can access the window with win=figure(fig[0]). Then you can resize the window by using win["size"]=(width, height) including rescaling.

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