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Oliver Schwanke created an issue

Hi there,

i wanted to update the docs for the build part of itom.

Would you be d’accord if i moved the dependencies compilation process from the AIO-setup part to the dependencies part?

I have had a hard time finding these instructions, which are quite good and helped a lot, but are hidden in some part i had not expected them to be…

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  1. M. Gronle

    Yes, this is ok. However it would be good, if you could insert a link to the new location from the current place. The All-In-One-Development section has been written with the intention to write everything which should be done to create the all-in-one-development environment. Therefore, a link would be very good.

    If you would like to compile the help, see

    To insert a link, add the “anchor” somewhere in a new line, e.g.

    Some Text
    .. _the-name-of-the-anchor:
    Further text

    The you can link to this anchor by

    Please refer to section :ref:`name of the section <the-name-of-the-anchor>`. 
    Consider that the underscore of the anchor is not part of the anchor name.

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