myDataObject.astype('...') should raise a RuntimeError if dataObject is empty

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Issue #102 new
M. Gronle created an issue

dobj = dataObject()
dobj.astype('float32') #should raise a defined RuntimeError, currently it is throwing an uncaught exception in Python

maybe verify other members of itom.dataObject, too

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  1. M. Gronle reporter

    This issue cannot be reproduced.

    This script

    t = ['uint8','int8','uint16','int16','int32','float32','float64','complex64','complex128','rgba32']
    for t1 in t:
        d = dataObject()
        a = d.astype(t1)
        print(t1, a.dtype)


    uint8 uint8
    int8 int8
    uint16 uint16
    int16 int16
    int32 int32
    float32 float32
    float64 float64
    complex64 complex64
    complex128 complex128
    rgba32 rgba32

    as desired.

    I propose to close this issue.

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